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"Let's Play Billionaire" - (LPB)

A Business Education Simulation Game

This game Is for "Billionaires ~~Young Entrepreneur's Only". Our players are called "Billionaires". Players interact during the game to produce real income generated from real business activity. In addition to earning real money, like every true educational program, participants will learn valuable business knowledge that can be applied in any business situation.

Youth Business Council (YBC)

A Young Entrepreneur's Society

Middle school to college age young people organize programs and projects with an emphasis on small business management, marketing, and ownership. Successful participants will earn $500 or more monthly.

"Earning While Learning"

The Errol Group, LLC

Project Management

TEG is a project management company that specializes in ecommerce business solutions. Strategic planning measured by income generation and increased cash flow is often an obstacle that most entrepreneurs never overcome. TEG can help you "figure it out". 

"Turning Ideas into Actions"




Home of The Entrepreneur's Network

Learning is For Earning - (LiFE)

"Learning for Earning"

Jones Towers is a "virtual" network where people make "real" money.  Like "LinkedIn" you can register a profile. Like Facebook, you can engage people in conversations or post your information or content. Like Twitter, you can follow people and conversations. This link is for the training component that teaches participants how to make money, meet people, and be successful in Jones Towers.

"Community Development through Youth Entrepreneurship"

Legacy Leaders Academy (LLA)

"Earning While Learning"

The LLA is a cloud-based educational program designed to develop local communities through youth entrepreneurship. Full-time day school and part-time after-school programs are available in select locations. Open a franchise in your community..

The Entrepreneur's Network (TEN)

Social Media-Based Marketing Network

TEN serves as an online incubator program for new businesses. It also provides existing businesses with opportunities to meet new clients, prospects, and leads. Our business associates earn income monthly by owning your own low-cost online store.

"Our Business Starts With Your Need!"

Learning Resources